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Think on This ...

(Q) What is God's plan for me in assisting the furtherance of His kingdom here on this planet, so that I may accomplish the greatest good with whatever talents I may possess?

(A) Brighten the corner where thou art from day to day. Let not a day go by without speaking to someone with the smile of the face and eye reminding them that somebody cares, and it is Jesus!

Edgar Cayce Reading 3357-1
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Know thy ideal. For, each soul must give account for its own self.  2803-2

This to some would appear an old, old, soul; yet all souls are as one - they were all of the same; for soul is eternal.  2542-1

All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came.  3744-4

And remember, every experience is a conditional one. For, choice must be made daily.  2034-1

There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move! 1027-2

It is not what one says that counts, but what one is!  524-2

Love goes far beyond what you call the grave.  5756-14

For until ye are willing to lose thyself in service, ye may not indeed know that peace which He has promised to give - to all.  1599-1

Know the first principles: There is good in all that is alive.  2537-1

Know that what is truly thine cannot be taken away from thee...   2448-2

Know that a smile will rally many to thy cause, while a frown would drive all away.  2448-2

In Him there are no limitations. One only limits self by doubt or fear. 2574-1

Do not condemn self. Condemning of self is as much of an error as condemning others.  3292-1

Love the Lord. Keep His ways. For He, as ye must always remember, hath blessed three personally. And that means for keeps!  3003-1

And let patience and love be thy guide. For divine love is that which makes aware to the hearts and souls of men the presence of His love, of the Father being within! 528-14

He came, the Master, in flesh and blood, even as thou didst come in flesh and blood. Yet as He then proclaimed to thee, there is a cleansing of the body, of the flesh, of the blood, in such measures that it may become illumined with power from on high; that is within thine own body to WILL! "Thy will, O God; not mine, but Thine, be done in me and through me."  1152-1

Then let it be a personal thing to thee, that He is thy strength, He is thy life! For in HIm ye live and move and have they being!  528-13

And let patience and love be they guide. For divine love is that which makes aware to the hearts and souls of men the presence of His love, of the Father being within!  528-14

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