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Memphis Metro & Mid-South Area of the Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Association for Research & Enlightenment Spiritual Study Group Information
Spiritual Search For GOD (SFG) Study Groups in Memphis Metro & Mid-South Areas


“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I will be in the midst of them...in thought or in person...

 Come together in one mind, as one purpose, one designated (and) Each seeking for aid may then be aided...”

 — Edgar Cayce Reading [281-2] 

Spiritual Search For GOD Study Groups

With an international headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, a regional headquarters in Houston, Texas, regional representatives throughout the U.S., Edgar Cayce Centers in 37 countries, and individual members in more than 70 countries, the A.R.E. community is a global network of individuals who offer conferences, educational activities, and fellowship around the world.
A Search For God Groups are one of the most important aspects of local activities. They consist of small groups (2-12 people) that meet in a private home for two hours weekly to meditate and pray together, to study the A Search for God books, and to apply the spiritual principles presented there. These books were written and tested over a period of eleven years by the first SFG Study Group, of which Edgar Cayce was a member. They provide a balanced, supportive and safe approach to spiritual development and learning to love. 
In 1931, Edgar Cayce began to give a series of readings that outlined individual steps toward true spiritual growth. A group of people working on understanding these concepts, practicing them, and writing about their experiences worked hand-in-hand with Edgar Cayce to put these concepts into lessons and published them as A Search for God, Books I and II.
Today, these books are used as the primary text for study in hundreds of small groups around the world. Each group has it’s own personality, of course, but for most groups, there are three primary focuses:
  • Studying and discussing the material. Rather than just reading through the text, group members discuss their understanding of the information. Cayce insisted that everything one needs lies within self. In this sense, each person becomes their own teacher, and a teacher to others in the group as they show the results in their lives.
  • Choosing a portion of the text, or an idea from the text and discussion, to “try-on” as an experiment until the next meeting. Personal experiences are then discussed at the subsequent meeting. In this way, the concepts from the readings are brought into practical application. Cayce says this is where the soul growth occurs; not simply by knowing, but through applying the principles.
  • Meditation and prayer. Through group meditation, members seek greater attunement with the Universal Forces. Guidelines and suggestions from the Cayce readings provide a safe framework for this activity. Prayers for others follow the meditation time.
The material studied varies, with some groups choosing to study complementary information for a time, or organizing around a certain topic of interest from the Cayce readings. Regardless of the resource material or topic, the focus on personal application and meditation remain integral parts of the meeting.
The Memphis Metro & Mid-South Area Search for GOD (SFG) Study Groups meet in small groups in private homes. Meetings generally last for about 2 hours. There is no fee for participating. Many people who have worked with the Search for GOD books in this way have found that these groups offer:
  • Support for personal spiritual growth
  • Clarification and feedback
  • Motivation to persevere
  • A safe and confidential environment in which to explore spiritual ideas
We hope you will consider becoming part of this group activity, which has served to enrich the spiritual understanding of literally thousands of people for the past 75 years.
Please contact us if you would like more information about the SFG Study Groups in the Memphis Metro & Mid-South Area. Information and Inquiry Meetings often and you are always welcome to visit any of our area study groups. Currently there are four area study groups meeting weekly on Tuesday night (Downtown Memphis), Wednesday afternoon (Highland & Sam Cooper Area - Memphis), Wednesday night (Germantown) and Thursday night (Walnut Grove & Highland Area - Memphis).

 Spiritual Growth: Finding a Group

How can I find a group?

If you live in the United States, the best way is to contact your A.R.E. Region. A.R.E. has 13 regions and centers in the United States. These regions and centers have the most up-to-date information for area SFG Study Groups and activities.
  • The A.R.E. region list will allow you to contact your region coordinator directly. Some of the region boundaries are along state lines and according to population density. Your region coordinator will help you locate a study group near you.
  • If you live outside the United States, check the International Contacts List for the center or contact person closest to you.
  • Or, just e-mail studygps@edgarcayce.org and you will be contacted by someone via the Study Group program.
No Group In Your Area?
Your region volunteers will help you get a group started if you decide to start one yourself. Take a look at the information on how to start a group to see what is involved. Then call your region or contact us at Virginia Beach on our toll-free number: 1-877-428-2734.

If there is no study group in your at this time and you are not ready to host a study group there may be other options available. There is an active network of e-mail study groups operating via private e-mail. Members do not converse in real-time but read and respond to the group’s messages at a time of their own choosing.


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